Pearl Limousine Colorado Hourly Rates by Vehicle With Professional Local Chauffeur

Quick answers to most of your ground transportation questions

Cancellation Policy / Payments / Credit Cards

  • What is Pearl Limousine Cancellation Policy ?

    12 hours cancellation policy

    Customers can cancel a Pearl Limousine reservation 12 hours prior to the pick-up time. Cancellation can only be made via phone +1 720-331-0834

    If you decide to cancel your ride after the 12 hours cut-off period, there will be a $75.00 cancellation charge.
    Before the 12 hours cut-off period, you will receive a full refund.

    Please be advised for pick up at Denver International Airport: after 45 minutes from the time the plane lands there will be an additional $66/hour for the waiting time.

  • Do I need a valid credit card to make a reservation ?

    Pearl Limousine requires a valid credit card to hold your reservation up to the 12 hours cut-off time prior to your arrival time.

    Your credit card will not be charged.

  • What credit cards do you accept ?

    Pearl Limousine gladly accepts all major credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • Can I pay using my credit card while in the car ?

    All Pearl Limousine vehicles are equipped to securely run your credit card right before getting off our vehicle.

    We can also run your credit card any time via phone or through our payment gateway

Airport Transfers

  • How do I locate my private luxury limousine at Denver International Airport ?

    Pearl Limousine Denver International Airport Pick-up Procedures

    • 1. Proceed to baggage claim level 5.
    • 2. Please, turn your phone on so that Pearl Limousine driver can contact you and inform you of your meeting point.
    • 3. Exit to either East Side door 511 or West Side door 506, on the fifth floor.
  • What happen when my flight arrives late or early?

    Pearl Limousine tracks flights status. Your luxury black vehicle and your private chauffeur will be waiting for you regardless.

    You will not be charged for any delay resulted in late flights.

  • What if there is a bad snow storm the day of my arrival ?

    Pearl Limousine LLC operates every day even in bad winter weather conditions. Pearl Limousine local drivers are experienced and trained to drive under severe weather conditions.
    Our fleet of latest 4x4 vehicles are specifically chosen for their performances in bad weather conditions.

    The only time that we will cancel trips (with full refund) is when the road is closed or unsafe to drive.
    Your safety is our top priority.

Luggage Policy

  • How many piece of luggage I am allowed to bring ?

    Each passenger is allowed two full size suitcases and one carry one bag. Additional bags may incur additional fees.

    Ski / Snowboard bags are also allowed at no additional charge.

Lost and Found

  • What if I leave something behind in the vehicle ?

    Pearl Limousine LLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged items left on any of our vehicle.

    However, if you have left something behind, please contact us at 720-331-0834 or use or contact-us form. We’ll do everything we can to reunite you with your belongings.

Online Reservation system

  • Why I cannot select today date on the calendar ?

    Pearl Limousine online reservations can only made 24 hours ahead.

    For last minute or same day booking, call us 720 331 0834.

  • How do I book a round trip with a different pick-up or drop-off location ?

    You will have to book two separates one-way with two different cities.

  • Why was I charged for toll fees ?

    Pearl Limousine always takes the faster way to get you there.

  • Why was I charged 20% gratuity ?

    Pearl Limousine puts a high value on the caliber of its chauffeur. We offer competitive wages and benefits to our staff. To attract and keep the best local drivers and provide you with an exquisite service, always, we add a 20% gratuity to each fare.